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mobile photo booth app | Eyeforbrands
mobile photo booth app | Eyeforbrands

Focus on customers’ interaction to boost your brand now

Attract and retain prospects during your event or your in-store activities with our mobile photo booth app.

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photo booth app | Eyeforbrands

You create the event, we make it viral

Implement our application in your store and let customers share their brand experience on social media.

How it works

photo booth app | Eyeforbrands
branded photo booth | Eyeforbrands

Try our mobile photo booth app!

Take branded photos and see our user friendly app.

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Try it

Engage customers with your brand!

Eyeforbrands is not only a mobile photo booth app but also a feature of your event to engage customers with your brand.

Case studies

create interaction with your brand | Eyeforbrands

Create interaction with your brand

By taking branded pictures with your mobile photo booth, customers feel like they are participating to your event.

empower image on social media | Eyeforbrands

Empower your image on social media

When customers share your branded pictures, their community gets the chance to see your product and your logo.

engage audience in long term | Eyeforbrands

Engage your audience in a long term

With our Eyeforbrands mobile photo booth app, you collect valuable data on your customers in a non intrusive way.

build a strong brand image | Eyeforbrands

Build a strong brand image

When customers share the branded pictures, they start advocating for your brand.

Why you need a mobile photo booth app?

These are the reasons to implement images in your campaign

Why you need a mobile app photo booth?

The brain reacts faster with visuals

Only part of the relevant information will actually gets to someone’s attention. The pictures are better processed by human brain than lines and blocks of text. This is simply due to the longer time needed to decode text compare to visuals. Images are converted by human brains 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, increasing customer captation.

Visual Content improves attractiveness

Visual content creates more interactions on social media than regular text. On top of that, pictures get 94% more visibility. At the end, a higher reach can be achieved through visual content, as it is more engaging.

Pictures stimulate customer purchase decision

Experts reported that colorful pictures influence human emotions by stimulating people sensibility. Other studies showed the power of the psychology of color observing that a precise association of colors bring certain emotions. Not only emotions are affected but also the customers’ purchasing decision.

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